Pecmate, Sodium Hydrogen Malate

$470.00 per 50lbs

For any bulk orders (25 units or more), please contact us directly at [email protected].

Pecmate™ Pectin Enhancer: a new functional ingredient designed to address well-known challenges in the production of pectin-based gummy products – from pectin-based gummy candy to fortified gummy supplements with key vitamins and minerals.

Formulation with pectin does not need to be excessively risky or expensive, and confectionery formulators may have a new solution from Bartek in Pecmate™ Pectin Enhancer.

Pecmate™ Pectin Enhancer in gummy and soft candies provides for:

  • Better consistency
  • Less product loss
  • Less production downtime
  • Clean release from molds
  • Expanded workable pH range
  • Optimal buffering with sodium citrate or other any acidulant
  • Candies that hold their shape

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